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28. Juni 2018 um 7:53



I have got a Raspberry PI 2 to start with and I have selected Domoticz for my application.

Now it’s time to get some equipment to build my project.

I started some search and then discovered that we have two protocols here : Z-Wave and its latest issue Z-Wave +.

There is still lot of equipment in Z-Wave only on the market, a little less in Z-Wave +. Then there are compatibility issues with Domotitcz which have to be checked.

And so this bring to me a stupid question.

I understand that Z-Wave units can work in a Z-Wave + network, but is a Z-Wave unit acting as a repeater for a Z-Wave + unit do transmit the data in full to the interface or is there some restriction ?


Please help.


I didn’t find the right solution from the Internet.